Tsunami RDA by Geek Vape

Thương hiệu : Geekvape

Giá 700.000₫

geekvape tsunami rda

Improved Velocity style deck

2.1mm x 3.0mm post hole

Adjustable Kennedy style air flow, available for single or dual coil

4 x Φ4.0mm air hole

geekvape tsunami rda

Various Drip Tip


Geekvape Tsunami RDA provide three kinds of drip tip for you to choose.

geekvape tsunami drip tips

Black and SS color


High-quality and Environmental friendly


The hardness of set screws at 55-58HRC by 1200℃ Nitrogen surface treatment.

PEEK insulator raw material made in USA.

geekvape tsunami rda decks

Exploded view


Full gold-plated housing for better conductivity

geekvape tsunami rda parameter
geekavpe tsunami rda exploded view